5 Immediate Benefits Of Hardware As A Service

Find Out What Benefits Hardware As A Service Can Bring You

The technology world is always changing. Firms may need to invest in expensive IT components that become obsolete before they use them for long. Moore\’s Law outlines that computer chip processing power doubles every two years. Keeping up with these trends may make your IT infrastructure take up substantial resources, which you could have used for other essential functions.

Many firms reach out to National Networks to discover how they can leverage the ever-changing technology to achieve their objectives. National Networks is a woman-owned company offering reliable IT service and IT support all over the continental U.S. Our specialists developed this guide to show the benefits you may get from hardware as a service.

What Is Hardware as a Service (HaaS)?

HaaS involves leasing hardware from vendors for a specific period. Agreements entail paying for their service, not for having the device. You return the equipment once the specified term ends. Not all arrangements involve moving the hardware into your premises.

Having temporary access to equipment without buying it gives your business many benefits which include:

1. You’ll Save on Cost

The initial purchase price for hardware is often high. Your firm may also not be using the equipment often once you buy it. You may need to use the tool for long before you breakeven. The developing technology world may not allow you this luxury. You may need to upgrade or replace the hardware before you even get a return on your investment.

HaaS allows you to avoid these costs of acquisition, upgrading, or replacement. The provider bears all these expenses while you enjoy the hardware. Your firm can use the resources the arrangement frees up in other essential areas. You may also get to use equipment that you could not afford to purchase.

2. HaaS Offers You Better Troubleshooting and Maintenance

When you purchase hardware, you may worry about its maintenance and troubleshooting. A minor problem can cause significant inconveniences, as your in-house IT crew may struggle to fix it. The external IT support team can also be a problem to reach when you need them. The IT team may not plan maintenance schedules. These scenarios can disrupt your operations.

HaaS has a proactive service model that delivers operational reliability and service integrity. The service level agreement you have with an MSP may specify that the responsibility of servicing the hardware belongs to them. The need to have a favorable reputation and protect their investment motivates the MSP to ensure the equipment is always operating at optimum levels. Your firm will have little or no trouble with maintenance and troubleshooting.

3. Obsolescence Does not Worry You

Owning a device has some risks. The ever-changing technology world may render your equipment obsolete. This scenario leaves you with losses as you have hardware that you cannot use. The outdated device can paralyze the critical operations of your business.

HaaS arrangements help you avoid the risk of obsolescence. Agreements are valid for a specific period. You enter a pact for a period that does not expose you to having obsolete hardware. The vendor you engage will incur the loss when the technology becomes outdated.

Dealers have incentives to ensure the equipment does not become obsolete while they own them. They keep up with trends, and they often unload, upgrade, or replace hardware before they become outdated. You are not likely to lose out because of equipment becoming obsolete when you deal with them.

4. You’ll Have Access to Unique Applications and Programs

Owning the entire infrastructure that you need to succeed can be expensive. You need to invest in different IT components for them to support your goals. Your company may need cybersecurity programs, cloud services, and servers. Their purchase and maintenance can take up a significant portion of your resources.

HaaS offers unique programs and applications that you may need. The service provider may include server storage or cloud solutions in the package. Vendors update their hardware, which ensures you have the latest security. You can also have a backup program that may be useful if your firm has a disaster. These programs may have been inaccessible to you.

5. HaaS Offers You More Flexibility and Scalability

You may need different components as your organizational needs change. Expansion may require support for additional users. Downgrading may also mean you need to reduce support for users. If your equipment does not have room for these changes, you will spend extra resources.

HaaS is flexible and scalable. You can change or extend it as per your requirements. Vendors often allow you to amend your agreements to reflect your current needs. You will only have and pay for what you need.

Get the Help You Need Today With Implementing HaaS

National Networks is a leading provider of IT solutions for entities in the continental U.S. We began in 1998, and we have offices in SE Texas and SW Louisiana. National Networks offers various services, such as customized cloud, managed IT, and print services. Our clients come from multiple sectors, including health, finance, legal, charities, governments, and home users.

National Networks also provides HaaS. Our HaaS propositions are affordable, customizable, and include services, such as maintenance and troubleshooting. Our team comprising 37 specialists listen to what you want and ensure the HaaS benefits exceed your expectations.

Are You Ready to Get the Benefits of HaaS?

Keeping up with ever-changing technology needs can be a challenge. You may have to spend a lot of resources to buy, install, service, and unload hardware. HaaS benefits ensure you enjoy new equipment without the risks involved in owning it.

Reach out and let National Networks help you leverage hardware as a service to be a leading institution in your sector.

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National Networks is right by your side to help with all your technology issues.

National Networks is right by your side to help with all your technology issues.

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