Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Protection Against the Unexpected

Future-Proof Your Business

Your business uses data to run, serve clients and fuel valuable analytics. Every day, you’re using – and storing – an increasing amount of data. Unfortunately, companies regularly fail because their data has been compromised, lost or stolen. More than 50 percent of businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover. You can’t control the causes of data loss – like inclement weather, human error, disgruntled employees or cybercriminals – but you can control your response.

Hosting your data in a safe, efficient environment is essential to your company’s health and long-term viability. National Networks specializes in computer data and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. We use a unique system that automatically backs up your vital information and stores it on a secure offsite server. If you experience a data disaster, we recover your data quickly and without a headache. Don’t let your business fail – keep your hard work protected by developing a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan.


What Other Custom IT Solutions Do We Offer?


Fortify your data against manmade and natural disasters like inclement weather, human error, disgruntled employees and cybercriminals with our remote and offsite backup and data recovery services.


Structured cabling provides a simplified system that offers room for growth, maximizes functionality and saves you time and money. Our team will help you find the right cabling solution for your business.


Your physical assets deserve just as much protection as your data. We implement top-of-the-line wireless surveillance and access control systems to combat threats from internal and external sources.

What’s Included in Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan?

We back up your data to an offsite location, so it’s protected even if your office is compromised.

With a disaster recovery plan in place, you’ll be able to retrieve critical data immediately after a loss.

Your business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be tested annually to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Recovery can be seamless when every employee knows their roles and has the tools to fulfill them.

What Do Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans Mean for Your Business?

Data loss happens. Proactive backup and recovery planning now saves you time and money down the road by allowing you to resume operations within minutes of an incident.

Putting a plan in place now is much less expensive than trying to recover or recreate lost data without a backup. Our solutions are available for a flat monthly fee that’s easy to budget.

Your processes, operations and people are all unique. We provide a complete data protection suite that’s fully customized for your company’s needs and goals.

When fire, theft or other unforeseeable emergencies arise, you can breathe easy knowing that you’re prepared for and protected against a range of dangerous threats.


Get to Know Our Other Services

A solid technology strategy is like a house: if you have a door but no windows, or a floor but no roof, the entire structure will suffer. For your IT infrastructure to provide the best results for your business, you need a range of solutions that interconnect to help everything run smoothly. National Networks offers comprehensive technology services to decrease downtime, increase security and make your employees measurably more productive. Explore our solutions below to find the answers to your technology challenges:


Security and cabling solutions tailored to your unique business.


Cloud-based infrastructure for more flexibility and better performance.


Monitoring, maintenance and upgrades for your printing equipment.

What Makes a Managed Services Provider Different?

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