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Is your government agency falling behind when it comes to technology? Local governments often deal with limited financial resources – and the latest and greatest technologies don’t come cheap. With budget cuts and restrictions, you may feel increased pressure to cut costs, which typically translates to outdated and inefficient IT systems.

When you partner with National Networks, you get access to a team of certified professionals with the skills, knowledge and experience you need to streamline your operations. Before we begin serving you, we’ll assign a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of government management to strategically align your IT solutions, so you can meet your requirements while keeping costs to a minimum. We’re one of the only firms in the U.S. whose proposed price won’t fluctuate – ever.


What Can You Expect with Our Local Government IT Support?

Being proactive instead of reactive is always a positive thing in business – and technology. We address IT issues before they can negatively affect your business through monitoring, preventative maintenance and future planning.

We specialize in repairing hardware quickly, so your employees can get back to work and you can avoid the bruising costs of downtime. Our services include computer and network maintenance, printer repair and firewall protection.

The National Networks team is dedicated to securing our clients’ sensitive data. We implement and optimize the best hardware and software tools on the market and apply rigorous maintenance and monitoring protocols.

Your physical assets deserve just as much protection as your data. We implement top-of-the-line wireless surveillance and access control systems to combat threats from internal and external sources.

What Does Our Local Government IT Support Mean for Your Business?

We perform an overall analysis of your work environment – from hardware to processes – to find opportunities to improve your systems and align them with best practices and security standards.

National Networks can help you process raw data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, customer preferences and other useful information for more successful decisions.

Knowing industry trends and what’s around the corner is essential. We continually work with our clients to help them invest in the right technology for their business at the right time.

Our experts are well-versed in the modern software platforms that local governments use, like Avatar, CAMA, Interware, Patriot, Vision, Quick-PD, Watchguard and much more.

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A solid technology strategy is like a house: if you have a door but no windows, or a floor but no roof, the entire structure will suffer. For your IT infrastructure to provide the best results for your business, you need a range of solutions that interconnect to help everything run smoothly. National Networks offers comprehensive technology services to decrease downtime, increase security and make your employees measurably more productive. Explore our solutions below to find the answers to your technology challenges:


Proactive IT solutions, strategic guidance and fast computer repair.


Security and cabling solutions tailored to your unique business.


Cloud-based infrastructure for more flexibility and better performance.


Monitoring, maintenance and upgrades for your printing equipment.