How to Think About the Modern Workplace

How to Think About the Modern Workplace

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has accelerated the need for flexible work environments with a vengeance. Suddenly, companies have been forced into flexibility, as employees have nimbly shifted to working from home or elsewhere. Protecting all of us from the spread has been our mission — social distancing forever changing the way we work.

Since March, we’ve had little choice but to embrace virtual workplaces, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Studies indicate that remote workers are more productive, less likely to quit and report higher engagement with their jobs than their in-house counterparts.

As you gradually and thoughtfully prepare for a return to physical offices, the need to modernize workplaces will be paramount to meet the expectations of now-mobile employees. Flexibility will be essential as employees transition to full-time office hours or hybrid arrangements.

A modern workplace used to imply shared cubicles, excessive TV screens, sleek furniture, free snacks and gourmet coffee. But employees expect more now, as the world has changed.

So what should your priorities be as you plan for return-to-office?

Anywhere Access

Modern employees require their work to be available anywhere at any time on any device. Laptops, tablets, cell phones will be part of the modern desk arrangement and your staff will require access to their business software seamlessly.

Transitioning to cloud-based applications, like Microsoft 365 or Google G-Suite, will quickly untether your employees from the office and allow them to maintain improved productivity and engagement. Maintaining applications in the cloud reduces the need for employees to be disrupted by having to come to the office.

Real-Time Collaboration

The need for employees to connect through phones and video conferencing has been vital over the last six months. The same goes for team collaboration through documents like spreadsheets, presentations and analyses.

Choosing a software platform that can be accessed, reviewed, edited and updated by multiple contributors in real-time will be critical to teamwork. Microsoft and Google offer comprehensive solutions.

Physical Safety

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, company leaders focused on ensuring employees could be effective at home and ensuring their data was safe. Now, with many businesses planning to reopen their offices, a chief focus will be finding a way to bring employees safely back to their workspace.

New products like conference room collaboration tools, symptom and contact tracers and employee location tracking will play a role in supporting policies and keeping employees safe. These solutions are creating a new category of technology for businesses to consider.

Invite an expert to help you plan for return-to-office. National Networks has over 20 years of experience helping businesses develop the right technology solutions to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction, eliminate downtime, eradicate security threats. Reach out through live chat or call 337 243-6021.

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National Networks is right by your side to help with all your technology issues.

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